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Benington Community Heritage Trust Chairman’s Report 2021 / 2022

It has been 15 months since our last AGM, this was mainly due to waiting for financial details to be brought up to date, worth noting that this was through no fault of the trustees.

Since that AGM in December 2020, we have been working towards getting the NLHF grant completed and signed off, whilst we have made some good progress in many areas of this, there are still a number of outstanding items to deal with. The grant expiry date of March 31st 2022 is almost upon us and so I have requested an extension until September 30th 2022. This has not been fully granted yet as they have requested further clarity and details on this, I will work on this ASAP to achieve the required grant extension.

Previously I reported that the sale of the village hall to help fund the car park was still ongoing. This has now been completed and a sizable chunk of the AHF loan repaid BCHT have now committed to repayments of £1000 / month to service this loan to completion.

Bonsors have also completed their snagging list and I am waiting for the architects Rodney Melville and Partners to issue the appropriate documentation to complete this work

Also, since out last AGM we have, recruited two new members of staff, firstly a facilities and operations assistant and secondly a bookings and events coordinator, these roles have been taken by Andrew Welch and Ian Presgrave. Recently, we have had Sam Mason, our heritage centre manager leave the project, and the recruitment drive for a new, revised role of visitor experience Director is currently underway.

Over the last few months, there has been quite a bit of refection from my part about what is needed to further progress this project and I have taken the decision to stand down as Chair of the Beonna. I would like to thank everyone past and present for their support and dedication during that time, it has been very much appreciated.

I hand the baton over now to Steve Donnelly who I am sure has some greater expertise and knowledge in the events industry and has some exciting plans for the future.

Here’s to a bright and promising 2022 that remains free of Covid issues

K Pinner

Outgoing BCHT Chairman